Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trying Something New...maybe

Well as pleased as I have been with how this site is coming along I've also felt like I haven't been utilizing it's full potential. So I'm going to give another forum a try for a bit. Not sure I'll stick with the other one, but it means that I'll probably be posting less here. I'm also trying to focus on updating my site more often. I'll probably continue the Illustration Friday postings there primarily so I'm not spending a ton of time updating four or five social media sites. I'm going to give this OTHER BLOG a shot for a bit so head on over and see what I'm up to there. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Illustration Friday

Going to be trying something new for the next little while. The Little Chimp Society has a fun weekly illustration challenge. I think I may have failed at posting in time before the next topic came up, but I was done and had trouble getting back to the computer to scan and post.Hopefully too much scorn does not befall me for posting off topic and a week late. :/ 
I've created a new page in tab bar up top for just those posts so have a peek!

Friday, September 27, 2013


'Heliconia Monster'


'Bird's Of Paradise'

Summer is usually a busy time for the garden, but I've also managed to find some time to finish up some paintings I've been wanting to do. It's a set of three paintings that were inspired by a trip to Hawaii in 2010. I know. Who couldn't be inspired by that beautiful place! It's been a tricky couple of years trying to get these made, but I'm happy to have finally followed through. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Website Update

It's long over due! A big revamp of my main website and a good going over on the art and illustration side. I'm hoping to focus a little more on this over the next couple of months and I have a few projects in the works I'm hoping to post soon. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Playing with Papercuts.

Things have gotten a bit off track with my Fusion paintings. Long hours elsewhere have meant my focus has been split. To keep the muscles working I've been exploring doing small layered paper cuts instead. It's mostly layering one image over another in cut out form with colour and some pattern thrown in. They are all small, fun little one offs. I hope to do a few more coming up working with texture's. The colour's are a bit off in these photo's, but the idea is there.

Jelly, 6x6

Dandy, 6x6

Sing, 3x4

Koi, 6x6

Scarab, 4x4

Fungi, 6x6


Time does nothing but fly these days. This is not a complaint by any means. I'm very lucky to be able to do what I do and make a living at it. I just wish that sometimes it didn't seem like I blinked and there go 4 months. I want to savour my meal. So to speak.

January saw me getting to help finish a great prop tree for a show called Kite Runner. Yes a play after the same book. It was a co production between the Citadel Theatre and Theatre Calgary. The idea behind this was that it was a tree that had elements of jewellery. The trunk was like silver work with engraved images all over it and the tree canopy had "pomegranate fruit" in it that were transparent like a gem. It's always fun when you get to work on a prop that makes you giggle cause it's neat.

Designer Kerem Cetinel

February was a Noel Coward work called Private Lives. It was a beautiful set that had a half dome. It's not something you often see and it provided an interesting challenge for it's builders. Dome's are normally self supporting, but when you only have half.... Needless to say the challenge was met and it looked wonderful. I too met with a great challenge of the prop kind. Under this dome was a chandelier, small pond and a banana palm tree.  The setup is a large fight between two characters in which the palm tree is jostled, hitting the chandelier hard enough it then falls into the pool. The pool was built by the aforementioned crafty carpenters and the chandelier was expertly devised to withstand the drop every night by another equally crafty props man. My challenge was the palm. Normally, we would purchase and modify existing silk plants for this sort of thing. Nothing unfortunately was going to work for us scale wise so we needed to build the palm from scratch. Again, two of my brilliant co workers devised an excellent armature to make the palm sway on cue. My job was the finishing. It was harder than I thought, but the results were much better than I expected. Self doubt always creeps in no matter how well sampled and thought out you try to be.

March and April were all about Spamalot for me. Monty Python's fabulous musical of wackiness. It was HUGE, LOTS of work and TONS of fun. I got to do some prop building, but my main focus was finishing and paint, paint, painting. I know I've said it before, but I work with so many talented people in all departments its astounding. Everyone did such great work. There was many a giggle all throughout. What did you do today? Oh ya know made some slapping fish, painted a blue piano, gave a rabbit vampire teeth. On and on it went. In fact, why describe it in words.

It's Spam...12" tall spam...:)
Sir Lancelot's Shield

Sir Robin's Shield

King Arthur's Shield

Sir Galahad's Shield

Camelot Shield's

Monk Books

Priest's Book


Slapping Fish small version

The Forest Stump

Patsy's Backpack

There was so much more, but why ruin it for those who haven't been yet. :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Website Update.

Finally got around to updating the Art and Illustration section of my website. Check it out or click on the icon on the right.